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President & Honorary Treasurer of the BCCTC Introduction

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Dean Smith
Dean Smith
President & Honorary Treasurer

It is a pleasure to contribute to the Doing Business in Canada Guide.

Through the most recent economic turmoil, Canada has demonstrated that it has one of the most robust economies of the G-20.  The  Canadian banking system is solid and well managed and provides a strong backbone to the economy.  The Canadian dollar is stable and respected.  The Canadian government provides incentives to business through competitive corporate tax rates and targeted tax relief.  The country has a highly educated work force and relatively low rates of unemployment (compared to other countries).  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently predicted that the Canadian economy will grow by over 2.1% in 2012 and 2.2% in 2013 and that "Canada is in something of a better position, with a well-advanced recovery and fiscal options...should threats to growth materialize..."  While not insulated from the European debt crisis and impacts from the U.S., Canada is well situated for economic growth.

Over the 60 year existence of the British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce (BCCTC), we have strived to promote the business opportunities that exist between Canada and the United Kingdom and also within the British community here in Canada.  For Canadian companies expanding not only into the U.K., but into the rest of Europe, using the U.K. as their launching pad has always made sense given our common language and historical links.

Canada provides many opportunities for U.K. companies, not only within the oil and gas industries, but throughout all sectors and all parts of the country.  U.K. companies looking to expand should look at Canada, not only as a significant market by itself, but as their launching pad to the larger markets to the south, the United States and Mexico.   As a member of the North American Free Trade Act, Canadian companies have significant access to these markets.

Whatever your company's objectives are in North America, the BCCTC is here to help.

Dean Smith
President & Honorary Treasurer
British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce


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