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Brazolot Migration Group (B.M.G.) is an Immigration & Relocation Consultancy which has been helping businesses and individual families relocate to Canada since 2003.

With over 120+ years combined experience in Canadian immigration, our team of experts work closely with our clients to achieve their dream of starting a new life in Canada.

Based in Hudson, Canada, B.M.G. works across Canada (except Québec) with most clients relocating to Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. In recent years, the Atlantic Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador, have been promoting their provinces and developing new immigration programs to encourage more people and businesses to settle in their provinces.

While obtaining visas for the USA is becoming more challenging, Canada is open for business!

Canadian immigration professionals are regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and are designated as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) upon meeting all of the licensing requirements. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Citizenship Act require anyone providing Canadian immigration or citizenship advice or representation for a fee or other consideration to be a member in good standing of ICCRC, (exceptions are members in good standing of provincial or territorial law societies of the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

B.M.G.’s director and owner, Dennis Brazolot, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and is currently a licensed recruiter in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, where licensing is mandatory. 

Dennis has worked in the Canadian immigration industry since 1995, when he was recruited to a UK immigration company. Shortly afterwards, he was able to purchase a franchise of Network Migration Commercial Services in The Netherlands, where he lived for two years. He then established Four Corners Emigration in the United Kingdom which he co-owned until he decided to move back to Canada in 2003, and established Willis Brazolot & Co., which became Brazolot Migration Group in 2010.

Dennis has represented over 12,000+ clients with their Canadian immigration applications. In addition, Dennis has provided recruitment consulting services to approximately 120 employers across Canada. 

As a professional company B.M.G.’s services go beyond merely obtaining the visa. B.M.G. aims to provide clients with the support and information that they require, as they consider what could be one of the most important decisions of their life.

The service extends beyond merely assisting clients to obtain their temporary or permanent residency visas. Prior to a client’s departure to Canada they will receive a range of free pre-settlement services. 

B.M.G. benefits from having three RCIC’s within the company. Alongside Dennis, two employees have obtained the accreditation from ICCRC to allow them to advise and represent clients. Helen Brereton (RCIC) has twenty+ years experience of helping clients relocate to Canada and Christopher Hancock (RCIC) has eight+ years experience. Both are British citizens who relocated to Canada themselves.

Our RCIC’s are supported by a strong team of energetic and enthusiastic immigration case officers who assist the RCIC’s with the management of client files on a daily basis; a Careers and Relocation team who provide information on the Canadian job market and on the practical aspects of relocating to Canada; and office administrators. In all, the B.M.G. team has over 120+ years combined experience in assisting overseas nationals with their relocation to Canada. 

B.M.G’s field of work

As B.M.G. is primarily an immigration consultancy our first focus is the potential of the individual/family to be able to relocate to Canada. All of our clients are screened for immigration eligibility purposes and meet with our consultants face-to-face in the UK; Europe or Jamaica. If they do not live in the countries we travel to, telephone and/or Skype consultations are held for screening purposes.

We work with our clients from the start of their immigration journey, whether that is for a temporary permit (work, study or visitor) application or permanent residency application, right up until they achieve Canadian Citizenship (if they choose to pursue this). B.M.G. can work with clients from anywhere from a few months (if they choose to apply for a temporary work permit only) up to seven years for applicants who come to Canada on a temporary work permit before applying for permanent residency status, and Canadian citizenship once they have met the eligibility requirements.

We are well versed in all the immigration categories and utilise the programs under the Economic categories, primarily the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades & Canadian Experience Class visa categories; and we also represent applicants applying under the provincial nomination programs, as required. In addition, we work with applicants in the family, investor and business categories.

B.M.G. works with many applicants who initially relocate to Canada on a temporary basis, assisting temporary foreign workers and international students with their relocation to Canada. BMG works with colleges and universities across the country to assist international students with obtaining study permits followed by post-graduate work permits and permanent resident status, usually under a Provincial Nominee Program.

B.M.G. works with Canadian companies to help them obtain the correct authorisations to allow them to employ foreign workers. Skill shortages can be found across Canada with Canadian employers needing to look overseas in order to fill their vacancies.

We also work with businesses looking to transfer employees to their Canadian company which could be the parent company, a subsidiary, a branch, or an affiliate of the business. Qualifying employees can obtain a temporary work permit (along with their partner) and relocate to Canada. They can often qualify for permanent residency status once working in Canada.

Employees need to be in a senior managerial position or have specialised knowledge about the company or product which is required in Canada.

In a competitive global market, Canada has introduced priority processing for qualifying foreign workers who have an offer of employment in Canada in a managerial or professional occupation. The Global Skills Strategy intends to help employers and their potential new employees obtain the necessary documentation within two weeks, to assist a quick relocation to Canada.

Companies can also look at establishing a Canadian business through one of the visa programs. The requirements can differ quite significantly depending on the location of the intended business.

If you have an innovative business idea which will create employment for Canadians and will be able to complete on a global scale, there are opportunities to obtain support from designated Canadian organisations which is approved to invest into a start-up business established by a foreign worker.

Alternatively, depending on which province you wish to relocate to, there are opportunities to buy an established business or create a new business and apply for residency under one of the provincial nominee programs.

B.M.G. not only assists applicants with applications through the Federal immigration system, but also assists applicants with provincial and territorial immigration applications. 

Each province and territory in Canada has its own immigration program whereby they can nominate candidates wishing to immigrate to their province. Each province and territory can create their own immigration program and choose the qualifying criteria. Generally, there are programs to assist applicants who are either already working or studying in their province or territory, or programs to assist applicants wishing to invest in the province/territory and create employment by either buying into an existing business or creating a new business.

Whichever route an applicant qualifies under, B.M.G. will work with the applicant to prepare the relevant application for the provincial/territorial government, and once the province/territory has approved the application, the applicant must then apply to the Federal government for their permanent residency status. 

Business applicants are encouraged to make an exploratory visit to Canada to research the business environment and make local business contacts. Applicants must have a skilled business background from overseas to show they have the transferable skills in order to establish a new business in Canada.

However, many applicants wishing to set up their own business in Canada, initially come to Canada under one of the Economic categories in order to learn more about the Canadian business market before establishing their own business.

How we source our clients

The majority of B.M.G.’s clients are from the UK, however, B.M.G. currently has clients from over 35 different countries.

Each year, B.M.G. attends immigration trade shows throughout the UK. At these events, attendees can meet with immigration experts from Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Some attendees have firmly made their mind up as to which country they wish to move to, while others are still reviewing their options. B.M.G. presents seminars on living and working in Canada and talks to potential clients regarding the opportunities available in Canada based on their skills and experience.

In addition, B.M.G. conducts advertising campaigns in Europe and holds seminars in Europe and Jamaica about living and working in Canada. These seminars are either online webinar events or in-person presentations.

B.M.G.’s second largest source of clients is from client referrals.

Following the trade show, attendees have the option to have a personal consultation with one of our consultants at a convenient location in the UK. At the consultation, a review of the attendees background can be completed to confirm their eligibility and employment prospects for Canada.

Upon becoming a B.M.G. client, clients are allocated a personal case officer who works alongside our registered consultants in order to prepare and submit a successful immigration application.

Whatever your visa requirements for Canada, B.M.G. has the specialised knowledge and personnel to make it happen!

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