Who we are

SAJO is an integrated project delivery company servicing the North American, European and International markets. Headquartered in Montreal with a branch office in London, UK we design and build environments and provide turnkey solutions using the most up-to-date technologies, methods and resources.

SAJO's strong presence, both in North America and Europe provides the best solution for international clients who have their headquarters in North America and wish to expand in Europe and conversely for European-based clients who wish to expand in North America. For such international clients, bridging transatlantic operations through the transfer of information, ideas, technology and know-how at record speed, via a seamless 24-hour service, is of the essence.

In its forty years of experience SAJO has demonstrated, time and again, its ability to engage and co-ordinate multidisciplinary service providers from multiple locations to ensure both quality and on-time delivery of its client projects.

What we do

Our services include design/build, construction, procurement, maintenance and facility management.

Our procurement division offers both local and Asia-Pacific manufacturing for our clients’ custom furnishings.

Our processes and technology for bridging boundaries across services and disciplines enables SAJO to offer its clients a unique, value-added service.

Our approach

SAJO customises the team and approach for each client and every project in order to meet the desired expectations. Accordingly, processes, procedures and protocols are tailored to specifications and agreed upon between all stakeholders and the client.

Management of the project is hosted in one place, with a single entity or point of contact for the client. However, the execution is carried out by local players, factories, shops, professionals and contractors. The design and execution phases are bridged, in order to ensure the balance of cost, schedule and quality. Moreover, all stakeholders are aligned from the inception of the project all the way through to delivery.

The procurement process is also centralised in order to secure the cost advantage of economies of scale. SAJO thereby, establishes a procurement strategy, purchasing policy and logistics setup to ensure proper and on-schedule delivery of the procured items on site. Prototyping and sampling are part of the initial process to secure the design intent and perform value engineering. A reporting and governance system are then put in place to communicate progress and delivery status and to audit the entire program.

Our capabilities

Our multilingual, multidisciplinary and multicultural staff of 200 is comprised of architects, engineers, designers, project managers, construction and procurement professionals, millwork experts, site superintendents and support personnel.

For each individual project, an in-house dedicated team works closely with the client, monitoring existing and upcoming needs and ensuring ongoing communication. As well, a dedicated site team acts as “the eyes” of the organisation to ensure tight and round-the-clock supervision of on-site operations. SAJO’s cross-disciplinary knowledge and bridging strategies for integrating the work of all professionals and teams have proven effective in creating a seamless and customised process of project delivery for its clients.

A well-established network of suppliers, extending throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific as well as a collaborative network of more than 100 international consultants, solidifies our unique position in the global marketplace.

The key to SAJO’s success, as attested by its long-term client relationships and high client satisfaction, lies in the quality of its partnerships which are at the heart of all SAJO’s undertakings. Through its client and network partnerships, SAJO creates additional value for clients; namely, by shortening timelines, maximising service provider interaction and output, realising cost efficiencies, proactively offering viable solutions and enhancing quality overall.

Our values

Recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in project management and the retail construction industry, we at SAJO, are strongly committed to:

  • Enhancing and maintaining our leadership role in the industry and becoming a household name connoting excellence

  • Fostering a culture of human relationships dedicated to integrity, care, trust, honesty, loyalty and transparency in all communications

  • Solidifying our long-term partnerships with our clients, suppliers and professional associates

  • Maintaining the highest standards of quality in our products, services and human interactions

  • Ensuring continuous improvement and lifelong learning in support of ongoing creativity, innovation and state-of-the-art methodology

Our commitments

As part of its environmental initiatives, SAJO has worked, in the past, to support the conservation programs of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada, sponsoring many of their awareness campaigns, from at‐risk ecosystems to elementary school programs.

Through its association with WWF, SAJO began to support the work of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in Canada’s boreal forest and encouraged the use of FSC certified wood in the construction industry.

To promote the sanctity and beauty of the boreal forest, SAJO undertook to sponsor, in part, a photo exhibit of this vast territorial expanse, which came to be entitled «RESPECT».

Aerial photos of Canada’s boreal forest culminated in a cross-Canada outdoor exhibit of large-scale portraits capturing the splendour and uniqueness of the boreal forest.

More recently, SAJO undertook to publish a compilation of these photos which depicts not only the aerial portraits, but the journey itself, at times perilous, across the Canadian North. The resulting photographs are everlasting frames of an awe-inspiring landscape. The text will be available in 2019.

 Our future


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