Memberships within the Chamber

As a facilitator of meaningful business relationships between Canada and the UK, the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of membership options for all business levels.

Best for large corporations, the Charter membership is the most prestigious member option within our Chamber. Members of this level will receive priority to board positions, forums, business referrals, trade queries, and more.

The perfect fit for larger corporations with 50 or more employees. Join any forum of choice, nominate contacts for our database, and attend the Chamber’s most popular events.

SME Corporate
For smaller corporations, the SME Corporate membership allows small businesses to experience many of the Chamber’s benefits, including select introductions, event access, listings access, and other perks.

For members based outside of the UK, this membership promotes trade between Canada and the UK through listings, event access, trade queries, and additional benefits.

For retirees and post-graduates only, the personal membership grants access to partial Chamber benefits and brings ample networking opportunities through events.

Opportunities for members within the Chamber include:

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