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British High Commission in Canada


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80 Elgin Street
K1P 5K7

(+1) (613) 237 1530

(+1) (613) 237 1530
(+1) (613) 237 7980


Office Hours:
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8:30am - 5:00pm

The British High Commission is the principal UK Diplomatic post in Canada, and along with the Consulates in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver is responsible for all aspects of the bilateral relationship with Canada. The High Commission in Ottawa is the sole issuing office for UK visas. The High Commission in Ottawa has represented the UK's interests in Canada since 1928.

What is a High Commission?

In capital cities the FCO office is usually called an Embassy and is headed by an Ambassador. However, in the capitals of Commonwealth countries the office is called a High Commission and is headed by a High Commissioner. The FCO also have other offices in non-capital cities which have different names depending on the type of work they do. For example Consulates and Consulates-General mainly provide assistance to British nationals. Trade Offices work to promote trade with the UK.

Their Mission

The FCO work to advance the UK's interests in a safe, just and prosperous world by:

  • Developing and maintaining a wide range of substantive partnerships with Canada of real value to both countries;

  • Developing business between the UK and Canada, and persuading Canadian companies to invest in the UK;

  • Increasing Canadian knowledge of the modern, diverse and dynamic UK;

  • Providing effective and courteous public services.


Other locations

Consulates and Trade Offices

The FCO's regional offices form a wide network of Consulates and Trade Offices throughout Canada. Consulates look after British interests in general in the district where they are based, and carry out a number of consular services. Trade Offices identify local opportunities to develop trade between the UK and Canada, and report to the British High Commission in Ottawa.

Click on the regions below to see the contact details of other Consulates and Trade Offices:

Quebec City
St. John's

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